RAILGAP has a straightforward impact on innovative EGNSS based applications leading to cheaper, smarter, higher performance, safer and emission efficiency. A direct and tangible impact is on the efficiency and economical sustainability of the ERTMS by introducing a novel – cost effective and trusting - Ground Truth and Digital Map that are indispensable components for developing, verifying and monitoring ATO and new Train Position subsystems. Similarly, RAILGAP will contribute to the adoption of EGNSS in ERTMS by filling important gaps in terms of statistical error modelling of local effects.

Other important impacts at European Commission level are to exploit the cross-benefits of the ERTMS and EGNSS (especially Galileo). Furthermore, RAILGAP has the potential to advance and complement the current roadmap for the adoption of the GNSS into the ERTMS. The higher efficiency injected by RAILGAP into the economics of the ERTMS is key to lower the energy consumption per passenger transported since it will directly impact on the recursive activities needed today to generate and maintain maps and to assess the performance of the GNSS positioning.

The table below includes main expected impacts of RAILGAP and specific metrics/methods to measure and achieve them.

Expected Impacts

KPI name

KPI Description

Target Value

Use of EGNSS differentiators (OS NMA, MBOC E1, AltBoc E5, HAS, EGNOS)

Differentiator coverage grade

% of Galileo and EGNOS differentiators w.r.t. all possible cases


Use of GNSS fusion/combination with other sensors and positioning technologies

Number of non GNSS positioning technologies

Number of sensors/positioning technologies alternative to GNSS


(Imaging, optical and inertial sensors).

Stakeholder involvement

Stakeholders Coverage Grade

Number of stakeholders involved in the user requirements definition and roadmap drawing for standardisation and certification


Working Groups involvement

Working Group Coverage Grade

Number of working groups involved in the user requirements definition and roadmap drawing for standardisation and certification


Knowledge transfer

Dissemination events number

Number of foreseen workshops


Publication Index

Number of publications fostering EGNSS use in land transportation

>=5 publications

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