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    RAILway Ground truth and digital mAP
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    Accurate satellite positioning for non-safe and safe railway applications
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    Validation by means of massive data collection from the field using commercial trains


The RAILGAP project is an essential step towards to fostering green, safe and smart mobility. The prospect is to further enhance the recognised “green” characteristic of the rail transport consuming less than 2% of electricity in Europe and generating 1/10 of CO2 emission per passenger with respect to airplanes. The adoption of EGNSS for train positioning and for supporting key phases of the CENELEC system life cycle (e.g. design and development phases, V&V phases, maintenance phase) is crucial to cut the life-cycle cost of railway transports, increase the railway capacity, reliability and punctuality and minimise the consumption of energy per passengers km.



Project Kick-off

The first kick-off meeting of the RAILGAP project took place on 20th January through Teams app due to the Covid-19 sanitary crisis and physical meetings limitation. The meeting gathers all partners of the consortium and count with the participation of Daniel Lopour (GSA Market Development Officer) who welcomed all the participants and highlighted main contribution of the project to the GSA ...

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